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South Korean movies and K-dramas are getting more popular outside their native country and many can be streamed on Netflix, like these 10 best movies.

You Can Watch: If you’re not watching Korean movies, then you’re missing out in several ways.
Korean movies have become a worldwide sensation.
Known for their interesting storylines and intense plot twists, it can go from a charming romantic comedy slash thriller to a stunning period piece incredibly to heart wrenching to what was that, just in a heartbeat.
That variety is exactly what keeps viewers coming back for more.
Here, we have listed out the TOP KOREAN MOVIES NETFLIX

Burning (2018)



This South Korean psychological thriller stars a known actor from the hit show, The Walking Dead. In Burning, Steven Yeun plays the role of Ben.

The movie received critical acclaim for its eery storyline and performances. Jong-Su (Yoo Ah-in), a young novelist, runs into his old childhood friend, Hae-mi (Jeon Jong-Seo), and starts to like her. She’s set to go on a trip to Africa and asks Jong-su for a favor.

When she returns, he doesn’t expect her to come back with Ben, a male friend she met on her trip. Jong-Su has a strange feeling about Ben and doesn’t trust him. When Hae-mi disappears, Jong-su gets suspicious to a point of paranoia. As Jong-Su believes Ben has something to do with her disappearance, he takes matters into his own hands.




The mystery/thriller movie, Forgotten, takes stories about not being able to determine reality from lies to whole a new level.

A young man moves into a new home with his parents and older brother in 1997. One night, he witnesses his brother being abducted and he goes missing for 19 days. He suddenly reappears, but as a different person.

His supposed family aren’t who they say they are. As his situation escalates to the point of being dangerous, he escapes and learns that it’s no longer 1997, but 2017.

The circumstances of that night don’t add up and so he looks for answers. The thread starts to unravel as he discovers he locked away some vital information of what really happened that night.

Steel rain



Based on a webtoon, Steel Rain is a movie for any action buff. It’s full of a tension-filled atmosphere as a North Korean special agent is tasked with killing two men planning a coup.

While waiting for his target, rogue soldiers attack a public appearance and injure the country’s leader.

The agent risks his life to save him and get him to safety. On the other side of the border in South Korea, the chief of foreign security affairs learns of the possible coup.

It gets even more complex when he learns the North Korean leader and agent have made their way to Seoul.

The witch (part 1)



The Witch: Part 1 will have audiences wondering if a second installment will tie up the story of Ja-Yoon (Kim Da-mi). A young girl is presumed dead after a violent accident at a laboratory. In reality, she escapes and is adopted by a loving couple.

But as she grows older, she starts to suffer migraines and certain powers.

Determined to help her family financially, she enters a singing competition, but reveals her powers, leading her creators to track her down.

Her life is deteriorating due to her superhuman abilities and she must find a cure. This young woman is much more intelligent than everyone thinks she is.

The call (2020)



A phone call has never been scarier. The Call is a movie with a mix of scares, thrills, and a hint of fantasy.

The movie was actually inspired by the British and Puerto Rican movie, The Caller, and it takes its audience through the brutal reality of what changing one’s fate can lead to.

A young woman visits her mother in a rural town and uses an old fashion cordless phone after losing her cellphone. On the other end is a young woman claiming to be tortured by her mother.

The young woman deduces that the other woman was once living in her house but in 1999. Both having tragic upbringings, they work together to change their fate.

While one flourishes, the other takes a dark and twisted path and it’s a tug of war game of whose life gets to prevail.

Tune in for love

tune in-film-netflix

Tune in For Love is a movie that takes place in time jumps over the course of its years. It’s a lovely story of two characters who remeet each other again and again after many life changes and years apart, somehow always finding a way to get back to each other.

The story starts in 1995 as a young man visits a bakery run by two women. Hyun-woo (Jung Hae-in) was just released from juvenile detention and gets a job at the bakery.

He develops a bond with Mi-soo (Kim Go-Eun). But one night, a fight costs him his freedom as he breaks the terms of his probation.

The two remeet years later. Both of their lives have gone through many changes, and they never get the opportunity to really develop their relationship into something more, but they always hope they will see each other again.



Along with Train to Busan and Parasite, Pandora was another Korean movie that created some buzz. The 2016 disaster movie plot matches its title well, as it’s a story of a tragic disaster leading the main character to make a life-saving decision.

Jae-hyeok (Kim Nam-Gil) has worked for the local power plant for years. One day, an earthquake causes the nuclear reactor to overheat.

The town is in jeopardy as it is exposed to radiation, and the situation gets worse when the government refuses to accept the blame.

Jae-hyeok knows the only way to stop widespread destruction, as he and others try to stop the plant from melting.


Space sweepers


2021 was a good year for Korean actor Song Joong-ki. He not only stars in the new Netflix drama, Vincenzo, but also in the Netflix movie, Space Sweepers.

The sci-fi/space opera movie tells the story of a dystopian future in which the Earth is no longer inhabitable and the government allows citizens to live in spacecraft as space sweepers.

The Spaceship Victory collects some debris that comes with an unexpected surprise. Inside is a child named Dorothy (Park Ye-rin).

But this sweet child is actually a robot made to be a mass weapon of destruction. As the crew grows attached to her, their morals are put to the test as they originally wanted to hand her in for money.

And there’s a bigger story at play as to why Dorothy is so important.

Wish you

wish you-title-korean movie

As K-dramas gain popularity, a new genre is rising in the ranks. BL, or Boy’s Love, are Korean dramas and movies in which the main characters are both males.

The 2021 movie, Wish You, is a perfect movie to stream to get started with the genre and get hooked.

The story surrounds a hopeful and aspiring singer who works day after day performing on the streets.

When his performances are uploaded online, a keyboardist at a record company becomes his biggest fan.

He invites the singer to join the company’s discovery program for new artists. As they live and work together, they develop feelings for one another, but their love doesn’t come easy, as life throws them obstacles they’ll need to overcome.

Svaha : The sixth figher


Mystery, thrills, and the occult entice fans in the Korean movie, Svaha: The Sixth Finger. The story begins with a flashback of two twin girls being born, but one being cast away for her physical differences.

On the other side is a pastor whose job is to expose cults, who is tasked with looking into a mysterious religious group. In his investigation, he uncovers a startling story and belief system.

Viewers will get chills as the pastor learns of the creator of the cult and his dark ties to scriptures depicting a snake coming to eradicate the light.

While the audience might think they have the ending figured out, there’s a major twist that no one sees coming regarding who the real evil is.

These are our to pick on TOP KOREAN MOVIES NETFLIX


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